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What is SNR?

WSPR monitor 30m


Beacon Reception at OH8GKP


Reception of the IARU/NCDXF International Beacon Project beacons.

Location: Liminka, Finland. KP25rt Latitude: 64 48.662', Longitude: 025 26.923'.

The receiver is a Yaesu FT 2000D listening with 400Hz bandwidth.

The antenna is a multi band's 19,8m high GB.

This Faros software is connected to the GPS system, with ToyNTP v.1.2 for better time stamp and there provide more reliable information whether the signal, if it comes via the long path or short path.

Please respect the radio beacon frequencies.

IRAU has recommended that the relevant frequencies only beacon operation. See IRAU recommendations and follow them, please.




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