NJN Letters:

1. Letter


I’m sending this message because I would like to make Nordic juggling community stronger. I know we have many national convention and many juggling conventions in general happening in Nordic Countries. The NJC has actually been happening for almost 30 years without any Nordic organization.

I think it should be about the time to make that kind of organization which desides where we have the next NJC. Hopefully in time, we could know where next NJC will happen more than less a year before. It could be so good to know it even earlier, maybe even 3 years ahead. This organization could also help us to get funding for these great festivals. It wouldn’t be only organizers every year strugling with funding, but we all would be part of it. I really think this would help us to get Nordic funding for our beloved convention. We could state that it is the same overal organization organizing this event yearly. The NJC project has been 27 years project already, not just one time, once a year.

So my plan is as follows.

Nordic Juggling Network plan.

We establish the Nordic Juggling Network (NJN). It’s main purpose would be to promote juggling in Nordic countries and to organize Nordic juggling Convention yearly. We would take organizations from Nordic countries as our members and help them to organize always even better NJC:s.

We would also start collecting history of Nordic juggling. We should try to get all possible video footage from past NJC:s. We would archive all the Galas, festival footage, photos etc. We would do this to archive history of Nordic juggling culture. It has been there for over 27 years for sure, but there’s no real archive of this history. We just can’t let that history slip through our fingers. Our plan is to show that this culture has existed and it will just continue to grow.

In some years this NJCN could have real office with all the archives and information of Nordic juggling. I believe this plan would help us to keep our conventions, our history and to even have more people involved. The office would also help to make NJC:s better organized, when you could get help from previous ones. We could have all past budgets etc. information. NJC doesn’t need to start from scratch every year.

NJCN would hopefully get at least one organization from each Nordic country to start with but we shouldn’t ban any organization willing to host NJC or help us in our project.

The overall goal of NJN is to:

To promote Nordic juggling in Nordic countries and Europe.

Develop a supportive and active Nordic network of organizations/companies in order to improve the conditions and the opportunities for the Nordic Juggling conventions.

To gather the history of Nordic juggling and keep that information updated.

Our next step is to join and have meeting about this. Then we should apply money to found this Network for real.So if you’re interested please spread this letter and contact me. I’ll gather the info and I’ll keep you posted how things go.

2. Letter

Hello you all,

Thank you all for your replies for my letter about Nordic juggling convention network. I already took the convention out of the name, I hope it is okay for everybody and I hope you would join me with this project that is now called Nordic juggling network.

At the moment here is the list of people, who as I have understood, are with this idea of NJN.

Erik Åberg, SWE,
Johanna Sörensen, SWE
Vilde Broen, NO (Flax)
Sondre Øverby, NO
Jens Sigsgaard DK (Company Jean)
Sakari Männistö FIN

Marko Akkanen FIN (Sirkus Kumiankka)
Samuli Männistö FIN (Sirkus Supiainen)

I would like if we all could represent an organization or association. Network with just people as members doesn’t really sound too strong ;) Also it could be nice to have national juggling associations as members if there is a one in your country. I think this is kind of work they should join to do. Also I hoped that we could have at least two organizations/associations from each nordic country to start with, to have kind of democratic start in a way etc. So I hope you have organization or there’s organization that is willing to be a member in our network and having you or/and somebody else as well to represent that organization in our Nordic Juggling Network.

I hope that made at least some sense. As we don’t yet have the network this letter is less formal than the one representing the idea. This one is mainly to get us all working for this shared goal to have working network for NJC:s and all Nordic juggling.

Johanna kind of asked how this would differ from EJA? I would answer that this one would be much more organized and do much more for real and this one would be for nordic juggling and nordic juggling conventions, not european, that’s EJA’s job. EJC:s are always organized by local associations, EJA asks them to be new associations that are only founded for one task only, one ejc and that is it. We wouldn’t take that path but NJN would be the main organizer of NJC:s with local organization/association. As I said in my first letter that NJC:s have history of 27 years already, it is not one time only event that is build from scratch every year but it is a convention that happens yearly in different nordic countries. As NJN as organizer it can apply nordic funding for more than one year on one time and all the information, all the skill of event organization stays, we would have really good change to really learn from mistakes and not to do same mistakes every year. NJC could really grow to be something special, not just one convention amongs other quite similar ones.

The next time to aplly this nordic funding is from 3.1. 2011 – 1.2.2011

So we really should have our network ready to apply money now. I think there is no reason to skip that possibility and I hope you all agree.

We should apply money for our Nordic juggling network and for at least 3 next NJC:s. Then we can really start to work for Nordic juggling.

Marko has already promised to make us a website, I can work with him on this and if there’s anyone interested to help on that, we are really pleased to have all the help we can get.

I also have idea for a logo for our network. Basicly I steal my own desing from NJC2002 Orivesi. which was club and ring in this shape Ø in yellow on red background. Then below it would say Nordic juggling network. If somebody has better ideas I am really happy to hear, good logo is good to have. It can really make a difference. I know that Vilde might have asked Anders from Flax if he had any ideas.

Then because the Nordic funding deadline is so soon I think we should try to organize a real meet, hopefully live or if not live then online. IRC, or something. That we can talk at same time about this subject. I will most propably go to DJC now in beginning of January so if anyone of you are going we can have meeting there. I believe not all of us are going to see there so I propose that we make channel for NJN and set a date for online meeting in quite early January.

First project NJN would really do is NJC2011 in Finland. Sorry we don’t have dates etc ready yet, but I kind of started this project quite late because how NJC’s are used to be organized. ;) So for NJC2011. Sirkus Supiainen and hopefully NJN would be the main organizers of this event. Basicly it would be me and Marko Akkanen working for it. At the moment we have few plans for it. It could be 4. – 6.5.2011 in Helsinki during Cirko festival (we asked if they would like to have our convention’s gala as part of their festival program but they weren’t interrested, but we would have the Steiner school were 531 festival happens as main site, for Gala I have few ideas. At the moment this is anyway the plan B, because we got much better plan as we think about it with Marko. We try to organize NJC2011 in Åland. It is easy to get from Åbo, Helsinki and Stockholm but the plan is just a plan so we don’t have site or basicly anything for it yet, but we do our best to make this happen and to be able to confirm the dates when NJC2011 in Åland will happen. I hope you like this idea too.

I personaly will come to SJC too, so that would be a good change for real live NJN meeting.

I hope you are still willing to work for NJN.

3. Letter

Hello you all again,
I just keep on spamming even replies I’m getting are not too many.
At the moment I am working with application to apply money for this NJN project and future NJC:s. I hope you all are with me? I really think NJN is good project to have with it’s main goals which are
1. To make NJC:s supersweet conventions, (and I am not saying I haven’t liked them, just to make them more professional)
2. To care about Nordic juggling history.
(I am sure we can have more projects later but I think this is good start)
Is there any projects you would hope that NJN would do?

and please ask if you have any questions?
You are also free to forward my mails to whoever you might see it conserns.

Also please send your organization info/personal info or just send me an email that you are not interested of this project. This open discussion just makes things easier for all of us. I try honestly work for our culture, I don’t have any hidden personal plans behind this project.

I attached my draft for NJN logo, I hope I can get some feedback of it too. It is just an idea, but I think there’s change to make it look really good.

Then again some questions:

Have you found any information of past NJC:s, Where?, when? and who organized them? Or if you have any idea from who to ask, I would be pleased to gather that information.

About online live meeting, I made an channel for us at irc, called nordicjuggling. If you don’t use irc too much, use this http://webchat.xs4all.nl/
Then just give yourself a name,pick other and place nordicjuggling for other chat channel. So to have irc meeting we should be able to have just plan when we would meet. Is 9pm Swedish time good for you like thursday?

I also heard from Vilde that Sondre was thinking of organizing NJC2012 in Norway. If this would be okay I would say that it could be nice that NJN could collaborate in making it happen. I know that NJN at the moment is still just a plan but it will be real when we work for it. All I am asking is your collaboration to make Nordic juggling culture a real culture.


4. Letter

Again I am writing a NJN letter for you all. Yesterday we had first online meeting about this network. Three people were present but we shared the thought that the meeting was a good start for something that has really change to do something good and even We don’t yet have any funding were are working for good of juggling culture. We see that it is important culture that should be seen and preserved.

Here’s recap of our meeting and the log of whole meeting.
We continue to work for this and if there’s anything you like to know or if there’s anything you see you see that you can help us, please do so.
You are also free to spread these letters to anyone who it might conserne.

At the moment I personaly would love to get some help of gathering information of past NJC:s especialy the first ten.

Best regards,
Samuli Männistö

ps. We didn’t really plan when we have next online meeting but I personaly feel that irc worked well. I would be happy to get feedback of that too.

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