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Introductional article to the game.
Video tutorial of rules (FLV).
Official single-player rules (PDF), Multi-player (PDF).
CoC-faq Ver 4.1 (PDF). July 15th, 2015.
Tournament Rules Ver 4.1.1 (PDF). July 15th, 2015.
end-of-life announcement for the game.

Source for materials:

Some homebrewed decks.


--- Madness and Horror CoC: Asylum Packs ---

2x The Mountains of Madness (+ 0x)
2x Ancient Horrors (+ 1x)

--- CoC: Forgotten Lore ---

1x Spawn of Madness (+ 0x)
1x Kingsport Dreams (+ 0x)
0x Conspiracies of Chaos (+ 1x)
0x Dunwich Denizens (+ 1x)
1x At the Mountains of Madness (+ 0x)
0x Ancient Horrors (+ 0x)

--- Call of Cthulhu Core Set ---

2x Call of Cthulhu LCG Core Set (+ 1x)

--- CoC: Summons of the Deep ---

2x The Spawn of the Sleeper (+ 1x)
2x The Horror Beneath the Surface (+ 1x)
1x The Antediluvian Dreams (+ 2x)
1x The Terror of the Tides (+ 2x)
3x The Thing from the Shore (+ 0x)
2x The Path to Y'ha-nthlei (+ 1x)

--- CoC: Dreamlands ---

1x Twilight Horror (+ 2x)
2x In Memory of Day (+ 1x)
1x In the Dread of Night (+ 2x)
2x Search for the Silver Key (+ 1x)
1x Sleep of the Dead (+ 2x)
1x Journey to Unknown Kadat (+ 2x)

--- CoC: The Yuggoth Contract ---

0x Whispers in the Dark (+ 1x)
1x Murmurs of Evil (+ 0x)
1x The Spoken Covenant (+ 0x)
1x The Wailer Below (+ 0x)
1x Screams from Within (+ 0x)
1x The Cacophony (+ 0x)

--- CoC: The Rituals of the Order ---

1x The Twilight Beckons (+ 0x)
1x Perilous Trials Asylum (+ 0x)
1x Initiations of the Favored (+ 0x)
1x Aspirations of Ascension (+ 0x)
1x The Gleaming Spiral (+ 0x)
1x That Which Consumes (+ 0x)

--- CoC: Ancient Relics ---

1x The Shifting Sands (+ 0x)
1x Curse of the Jade Emperor (+ 0x)
1x The Breathing Jungle (+ 0x)
1x Never Night (+ 0x)
1x Into Tartarus (+ 0x)
1x Shadow of the Monolith (+ 0x)

--- CoC: Revelations ---

1x Written and Bound (+ 0x)
0x Words of Power (+ 1x)
1x Ebla Restored (+ 0x)
1x Lost Rites (+ 0x)
0x The Unspeakable Pages (+ 1x)
0x Touched by the Abyss (+ 1x)

--- Call of Cthulhu Deluxe Expansions ---

CT32-33, CT59-65:
1x Secrets of Arkham Expansion (+ 1x)
1x The Order of the Silver Twilight Expansion (+ 0x)
1x Seekers of Knowledge (+ 0x)
0x The Key and the Gate (+ 1x)
0x Terror in Venice (+ 1x)
0x Denizens of the Underworld (+ 1x)
0x The Sleeper Below (+ 1x)
0x For the Greater Good (+ 0x)
0x The Thousand Young (+ 0x)
0x The Mark of Madness (+ 0x)

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