Nordic Juggling Network

Nordic Juggling Network (NJN) has been established 2011 to promote juggling in Nordic countries.

NJN’s main purpose is to organize Nordic juggling Convention yearly with local associations/organisations and to collect history of Nordic juggling.

Nordic Juggling Network main goals:
-Organize Nordic Juggling Conventions (NJC) yearly in nordic countries with local associations/organisations
-To care about Nordic juggling history by gathering the history of Nordic juggling and keeping that information updated.
-To promote juggling as hobby and artform in Nordic countries and Europe

NJN will have all the archives and information of Nordic juggling. We believe this will help us to keep our our tradition and our culture alive and to get even more people involved.

The special strength in juggling is that it is versatile physical expression that is not based on any spoken language. Therefore the art form serves as a source of wellbeing that can be shared by all age groups – especially appealing to children and young people – and that has a quality of building a stronger sense of community.

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