Welcome to my personal website. Here you can find information about me and my system, tools, patches, articles and useful configs.

About me

My first computer was IBM PC with Pentium MMX. I tried gentoo for the first time around 2006. I have been registered to forums since 2007. My current hardware is thinkpad R500. I bought it in 2009 bundled with freedos. I use my system mostly for web browsing, chatting, programming and music composing. I try to contribute to community by reporting and fixing bugs, developing tools, writing articles and being active on irc, forums and mailing lists.


Github: https://github.com/defer-
Funtoo wiki: http://www.funtoo.org/wiki/User:Defer


You can contact me with e-mail: $ echo "arinomalinenspamgmailnocom" | sed -e 's/no/./gi' -e 's/spam/@/g'
You can reach me from irc: defer @ freenode.
Feel free to add me to twitter or google+.
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